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Growing Ideals

As generations before us have cultivated hemp and related plants, Herb Amore is willing to trail-blaze and bring previous methods into sustainable, modern processes. Knowing experienced growers and keeping their traditions are the foundation of our growing season. We are thankful for those growers who have kept this plant firmly rooted in our society.

Plans for Hemp

This valuable plant should be enjoyed by all! As your local grower we will be promoting hemp and it’s uses at area farmers markets. We hope our flower heads find their way into dispensaries and our fresh leaves used in cooking. Our farm’s honey will also be infused with CBD. We would love to have our hemp used in craft beers, coffees and mead too. There are no limits for hemp!


Expected Harvest

We will start seeds in our greenhouse in May, then plant seedlings outside at the end of the month. With good weather our harvest is in July. Flowers will be cured and ready for August. A potential second crop could be harvested and ready in October.



They have a history of AC/DC, Lowryder, Pineapple, AviDekel, Harle-Tsu and seed stock from Lawrence Ringo’s seed bank. Flavors smell of dank, muddy citrus that morphs into a floral berry scent once ground up, but a woody taste overall. Relaxation, a clear-head and non existent tension are the vibes of these two strains.