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An awesome thing happened yesterday and it will snowball into something amazing with your help!

We had a great Saturday despite some miserable, wet, chilly weather as we closed our farm stand for the season.  What we had planned as an outdoor event similar to a German Christmas Market had to be moved inside to our home.

We hadn’t counted on hosting a community in our home, but we are not the types of people who turn people away: there’s always some hot coffee and comfort to be found here! Having our home open to shop the products our farm produces was so special.

We heard personal stories from our visitors- their challenges and their concerns for family members. We saw families shopping together and stopping at our place before their family holiday gatherings. It was humbling and flattering and just so touching to be a destination and a part of it all. For that we are so grateful!

And then an awesome thing happened: Someone insisted to pay it forward. Their purchases, like all the purchases we have, support and bless our family farm, but this person wanted to do even more. They want to pay it forward to someone else. 


This person said that they have been doing this for a couple of months now, and the gratitude that they project comes back in so many ways. This person seemed happy, at peace, and had an understanding few find in their life, and they want to share it through our farm!

So our plan is to make this act of kindness snowball. We will pay it forward as this person requested, and then we will make this bigger. We will create a pay it forward fund. If you purchase from us and select the pay it forward option, the amount you choose will be set aside for the next customer. That person gets blessed by your act of gratitude! 

One thing we have noted from all the people we have talked with is that there are lots of hurting people out there needing hope. We have heard stories from families fighting cancer, talked with senior citizens on a fixed income trying to reduce their pain to enjoy their golden years, and we have heard stories about people just wanting less worries in their own life. To have an opportunity to lessen the burdens the people of our community are carrying is exactly why we do what we do. Now a customer of ours will be creating a way to make it even less of a burden, and you can continue to snowball the kindness to others!

We are so excited to surprise and share this joy with everyone. Thank you as always for supporting this small farm as we keep trying to make big impacts!

Click the link below to Pay it Forward!

Pay It Forward

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