Wax Wrapz


Ditch the throw away plastic and use Wax Wrapz to cover your food. We use the beeswax from our honeybees and coat cotton cloth with it, along with pine rosin and jojoba oil. These wax wraps come in a set of three: 14×14″, 12×12″ and 10×10″. They are easy to wash and keep using again and again!

Contact us immediately if you wish to see and choose a pattern otherwise a random pattern will be selected for you!


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Care for Wrapz in between uses by washing in cool water with a mild soap. Do not put in the washing machine. Wrapz should last 6-12 months of regular use. If Wrapz are starting to lose stickiness, place in a medium (250) oven on a foil lined tray for 5-8 minutes to re-distribute the wax. Wrapz can be re-coated with a wax mixture available from Zeez Bees. These are not intended to be used with meats.


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