We are doing some things different. CBD seems to be everywhere. It’s everywhere in our hemp plants too so we use the WHOLE plant in our products. Roots, stems, leaves and flower all help to make our farm fresh blend. We use everything we are given! That is a motto on our farm, and we live it! The beeswax in our products comes from our honeybees: that is proof we use everything we are given.

Because our products feature direct from the farm freshness, our methods of production are very simple. If you consider how people have used plants for their health for hundreds of years, know that we are keeping many of those traditions in the creation of our products. Tradition means no harsh chemicals, only natural, organic food grade products to extract with.

While there are traditions honored with the creation of these products, they are also made by a nurse. Lots of research, thought and care have gone into the production of every single batch made. Our batches are small. We are a family farm, not a factory. Our plants travel from the field to the bottle.

We are also not a pharmaceutical company. You won’t find a high price to try something to see if you enjoy it. You don’t do math to figure out what is in a dropper. We treat our hemp no different than our other herbs. If we used lavender instead of hemp we wouldn’t be making you calculate how much linalool or Vitamin E is in our bottle. Plants have many benefits to them, that’s why we use what we are given. There’s also concern for skewed data, and we do not want to say one thing and have it be another. It’s better to be simple in that instance, and that’s what we prefer especially when the simplicity provides farm fresh goodness.

We know we are different from what you may see out there with CBD plastered all over a label, and we are fine with that. We believe in being your local grower of all things and encourage you to connect with us as your local farmer.

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